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    What is your in game name?:

    What is your YouTube channel called?:

    What is your YouTube channel URL?: and

    Tell us a little about yourself and your channel.:
    Hello, my name is Zaknov and I would like to apply for you tube rank on this server. I can upload once and week on this server and make good quality videos 1080p 60fps. I have two channels, one is my "" channel with 1400 subs. I will upload on my new you tube channel and I hope you enjoy my content. Also I can stream for 6 hours per day (on weekends). Hope to get the rank <3 #StaffOnTop

    How many subscribers do you have?:
    1.4k on the first channel then 27 on the new one.
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    You haven't uploaded a minecraft video plus you could of just copied someone who has a high subscriber youtube channel and made that ign
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