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    Spring is starting, and so is our first skyblock map! :

    The reset will occur at
    3:00 PM (EST) or 11:00 PM (GMT) on Saturday, March 16th, 2019.

    Weekly Payout

    SBTOP 1 - $100 PP + $50 BC
    SBTOP 2 - $60 PP + $30 BC
    SBTOP 3 - $40 PP + $20 BC

    Total of $1,400 PayPal + $700 BuyCraft over 7-week map!

    I've got a myriad of economic strategies & new features to explain today, so let's go:
    | Economy?
    >> The shard and job system!
    • Jobs are specific tasks like mining, fishing, or farming that players can complete to receive a currency called shards which can be used in the /shardshop. Every time a job is completed, it gives separate ‘job experience’ - 1 to 15 job exp per each action. Every 50 exp gained, players level up. Every level, players receive a shard, which goes into their “Shards” balance on the sidebar. Every 5 levels, players have a 25% chance to receive a supershard along with their normal shard which can be used in the supershard category in the shardshop.​
    • What is in /shardshop? Spawners: these range from Skeleton all the way to Iron Golem & Villager.​
    • What is in the supershard category?​
      • Skysell​
      • Fastplace​
      • Shop Sell Boosters​
      • Lootcrate​
      • KoalaClaw​
      • Shopkeepers​
      • /fly​
    >> What will upgrades, island level, and tokens look like?
    • Achievements have been slightly reworked & token values have been rearranged. There will be no major changes besides this: you can earn 100 tokens total via achievements. To max out ALL island upgrades (a few new ones have been added!) you need 200 tokens. So, choose wisely! Halfway through the reset, we might add another way to obtain some more tokens.​
    • Tiered cobblestone generators will make a return! The higher your island level is, the more overpowered items you can obtain via mining. You will also have a rare chance to get a LUCKYBLOCK while mining!​
    >> Spawner Stacking? Mob Stacking?
    • We'll be reworking mobstacking so that it functions correctly now - kill a mob from a stack, it kills ONE, and it will drop the correct number of loot for ONE mob. Mobstack will max at 250.​
    • Spawners will stack to 64, and work correctly without exploits.​
    >> You mentioned shopkeepers being in Shardshop?
      • A glitch-free rework of shopkeepers (automatic-chest-sell) is being added back! You can purchase them in /shop or in /shardshop Supershard category.​
      • You can have a maximum of 10 shopkeepers, BUT there will be a way to upgrade this one-time only to 15!​
      • You will be able to customize the name and skin of your shopkeeper!​
      • And don't worry! Chestshop will never disappear again!​
    >> How will ranks, kits, and crates factor into the economy? Is this pay-to-win?
      • This economy is purposely as far as we can stray from pay-to-win.​
      • Ranks, kits, and crate winnings will provide a BOOST by will by no means dictate your abilities to progress.​
      • All major and frankly necessary paid perks will be AVAILABLE IN-GAME for relatively cheap!​
    >> Will Spawners be in /shop?
      • Spawners will indeed be in /shop! However they will be VERY expensive and there will be a limit on how many villagers & iron golems you can purchase - respectively, 50 & 100. This is because you can easily obtain spawners via Shards and /shardshop!​

    >> PvP, and functional Duels?
    • Functional and non bugged duels are coming to town. There will be some other misc. upgrades to PvP as well!​
    >> Consumables?
    • Some cool new stuff is being added, and some legacy things will be revived. These are all obtainable in-game without real money.
      • The legendary Rainbow Armor​
      • PvP Omnitool (changes between a sword and a bow)​
      • War Pets​
    >> Crates?
    • Some major changes have been made to the way crates function from factions.​
    • There is one crate, it's like a lottery system:​
      • There are five levels, each has a smaller chance of you winning something in it. The 2nd to last level lets you pick your own OP reward. The final level, the Jackpot, is a 0.1% chance of winning the most OP rank we've ever introduced!​
    >> Daily Rewards? Quests? Small other changes?
    • The Daily Rewards NPC is coming! You can earn rewards just by playing every day!​
    • Monthly Crates are not ridiculously overpowered, but they still have worth!​
    • Ranks, kits and anything else will not transfer over to Skyblock ):​
    | New Spawn?

    Apologies for this rather long-winded announcement; I hope it was worth reading if you indeed read through the entirety of it. As always, if you have any suggestions, questions, or concerns feel free to message me here or on Discord -Jelly#2002 !

    Cheers to a great reset!
    Kindest Regards,
    - Play-MC management team.
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