Raid Event 26/10/2018

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    We will be hosting a raid event today at 3pm est.

    Raid Event Info;
    • The raid event will be hosted at the following coordinates, -5000 +5000 in the NETHER
    • The base has 160 sand walls designed by Stalin himself to test your cannoning abilities and coordination as a faction.
    • Senior Mods and up only will be at the walls defending to test each faction on coordination, we will be spread out evenly defending against each faction equally.

    The rules for this event are simple;
    • You MUST follow EVERY rule but cannon speeds (you can shoot up to 1 shot every 2 seconds, or 1 shot per second with a cannon below y:10)
    • You may not enter MORE than one cannon per faction either.
    • Staff defending the base may not interfere with factions cannons.
    If you are found breaking any of these rules your faction will be disqualified from the event and will not receive prizes.

    The prizes are as follows;
    • There is currently over 300 million worth of ftop hidden throughout the base
    • There will be sets of armor within the base for looting
    • There are a few buycraft exclusive items available inside chests scattered across the base

    We wish you all the best of luck in this event,
    Happy Raiding

    -PlayMC Management

    Raid Event is over! Thank you everyone for participating. Congratulations to TNT and CNN for a successful raid! Here are a few pics...




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    Well ok then.

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