PlayMC Season 5

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    Factions Season 5

    Transitioning to season 5 has been rough with the management team with so many changes and resignations but this has not stopped those of us who have stayed to push on and make PlayMC the server it deserves to be. We have turned our focus to the experience you as players have had and issues that you have found. Its been a hectic few weeks for both us development and management but with that said, I am proud to announce season 5 of PlayMC!


    This map we are having a total prize pool of over $3000
    Each faction will be required to set an email in order to claim paypal rewards, you can do this with the command /f setpaypal <paypal email>. These will be paid every week. The map will last 19 days consisting of a 5 day grace period followed by 2 weeks of TNT.
    In total there will be 2
    payments across the duration of the map.

    Screenshots will be taken at
    5pm EST on the days below and will be paid out within 30 minutes unless otherwise stated due to complications with a factions legitimacy.
    Factions will be unable to place FTOP value 2 days before payout, even if its raided or purchased, you must place all the value you want to place by 5pm EST on Thursday (2 days before).

    First Week (14th of March)
    First Place : $400 PayPal, $300 BuyCraft
    Second Place : $150 PayPal, $200 BuyCraft
    Third Place : $50 PayPal, $100 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place : $100 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place : $50 BuyCraft

    Second Week (21st of March)
    First Place : $600 PayPal, $300 BuyCraft
    Second Place : $200 PayPal, $200 BuyCraft
    Third Place : $100 PayPal, $100 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place : $100 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place : $50 BuyCraft

    The faction leader has to ensure that the email provided in their paypal email is set correctly to be payed out. If there are issues on your end we are not liable, we pay the email the faction leader set.

    General Information

    The server is to release on the 2nd of March at 3pm EST
    This map will have a total of 16 corners spread evenly across 4 dimensions.

    The map will begin with a 1 hour timer where the following will be restricted/disabled:
    /fly in faction and wilderness claims
    Players will be invisible at spawn

    We will also have a 5 day Grace Period where the following will occur:
    Mining spawners will not cost money
    TNT, Creeper Eggs and Explosions will not work
    Bitch claims will be removed

    Overworld : 5000 x 5000
    Natural Gen
    Nether : 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Clay
    The End 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Sandstone
    Desert : 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Sandstone


    We have decided to switch up PvP by creating a world based around interacting with other players competing for the best loot. In this world you will be able to capture outpost, kill bosses that spawn regularly, capture supply crates as well as grind witch spawners for that extra edge over your competitors.

    Faction Information

    Faction Max Power : 4000
    Max Buffer Size : 20 Chunks
    Power Per Player : 100 Power
    Allies and Truces : 0/1 Ally (up for poll), 0 Truces
    Max Players Per Faction : 75 Players
    Max Alts Per Faction : 100 Alts

    Change-log and features

    Reworked Jar and Spigot
    After several issues with our previous setup we have taken it upon ourselves to rework most of our current setup from scratch. What this means for players is that we are able to hold a larger player count at a more stable tps. With this update there will be many other aspects that will profit, some of these are the anti-cheat, cannoning jar, our methods of logging and monitoring as well as better support for future plugins we have in store!

    After many issues with last seasons anti-cheat we have vastly improved its effectiveness against cheaters on the server and hope to even the playing field for legit players.

    Screen Sharing
    We now support screen-sharing and we are going to be using it more widely next map, some of you may not like this idea so we have added as many firewalls as possible to provide you to best experience on the server. These include but are not limited to:

    Only selected staff will be allowed to screenshare you
    You will not be screenshared without a valid reason
    Personal information will be avoided
    Players caught with cheats on their computer will not be banned, only those actively using them on PlayMC

    Raid Claims
    Tired of being unable to find a place to put raid claims. This will hopefully be an issue of the past with this concept. Every faction will have to pay for their raid claims on an hourly basis removing those inactive and useless claims. To make people use these claims, TNT fill will only work in these claims and no-where else.

    Two Factor Authentication

    There were a few issues with players having their account compromised, in order to prevent this we have added a 2fa system. When a player joins the hub they are able to set a 2fa password with /2faset <password>.
    Remember this code.
    You will not be prompted to put in your password unless the login IP changes, if it prompts you to enter your 2fa you can do /2fa <password> and it will allow you to log in as normal. If you forget your 2fa password there is very little that we can do to help you so write it down somewhere safe.

    Want some extra cool exclusive loot? Then head over to warzone and defeat different bosses all with their own unique selection of loot.

    Creeper Eggs
    You finally split that base but you can't reach the spawners. With this addition you'll be able to reach those high corners and maximise your profits from the raid.

    Not making enough money? Activate a booster for an edge over your competitors for the race to FTOP #1. There will also be xp boosters!

    F Check
    With this system you'll be able to receive in-game warnings when your walls haven't been checked for a while as well as check them with a command. You'll also be able to sound an alarm to alert your faction if you are being raided. For the members looking for a promotion there will be a /f check leaderboard to tally the players with the most checks the faction.

    PlayMC Pass
    A seasonal pass is coming to Play-MC to reward those of you who actively play the server with some cool loot.

    Custom Enchants
    There will be a larger variety and more balanced custom enchants for an even better pvp experience.

    GKits and Pouches
    There will be pouches that can be won from keys and other sources as well as more GKits for you all to enjoy!

    Sand Wands
    Tired of having to shovel up hundreds of stacks of sand underwater after a raid? With this tool you can make all your problems go away in one simple click!

    Wall Clearers
    After being raided and patching wildly you're left with a huge mess to clean up and have to dedicate hours just to clean it up. With this item you can clear up your walls quickly!

    Bug Fixes

      • Fixed several commands being executable in combat
      • Fixed the FTOP values of certain spawners
      • Fixed issues with freezing people then causing them to lag out and be banned
      • Fixed a bug with /trade deleting certain items
      • Removed stacked items (swords/potions) from all kits
      • Logging off with spawners now drops them on the floor
      • Fixed FTOP not counting stacked spawners
      • Stopped blazes from taking damage in water
      • Blazes now die one by one rather than the whole stack
      • Fixed the wiring on some pokeball cannons
      • Fixed bypasses to not being able to put spawners in virtual storage
      • Fixed a bug where in some circumstances your inventory would freeze
    80% sale active on our store -

    We’re excited to see everybody on the release. Make sure to join our Discord for any important announcements or changes. Join Here
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    Can’t wait :)
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    :eek: Wow looks like a featureful update, Cant wait
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    Excited for my 5th Season of Play-MC hope you are too :)
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    DUDE FUCK YES! @Laugh Jelly for admin amirite!
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    you gotta go
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    Go get admin?! Yeh ik!
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