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    Factions Season 4

    Hello, after a successful season we are happy to present the 4th season of factions here on This season we are adding more features than we ever have before so I'll try not to bore you with the details down below :)



    This map we are having a total prize pool of over $2000

    Each faction will be required to set an email in order to claim paypal rewards, you can do this with the command /f setpaypal <paypal email>. These will be paid every week. The map will last 3 weeks consisting of a 7 day grace period followed by 2 weeks of TNT.
    In total there will be 2
    payments across the duration of the map.

    First Place : $275 PayPal, $225 BuyCraft
    Second Place : $150 PayPal, $150 BuyCraft
    Third Place : $75 PayPal, $110 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place : $75 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place : $75 BuyCraft

    Total Payout
    First Place : $550 PayPal, $450 BuyCraft
    Second Place : $300 PayPal, $300 BuyCraft
    Third Place : $150 PayPal, $220 BuyCraft
    Fourth Place : $150 BuyCraft
    Fifth Place : $150 BuyCraft

    Payout Dates
    First Payout : 9th of Feburary 5pm EST
    Second Payout : 16th of Feburary 5pm EST

    General Information

    The server is to release on the 26th of January at 3pm EST
    This map will have a total of 16 corners spread evenly across 4 dimensions.
    The economy will not be cactus based.

    The map will begin with a 1 hour timer where the following will be restricted/disabled:
    /fly in faction and wilderness claims
    Players will be invisible at spawn

    We will also have a 7 day Grace Period where the following will occur:
    Mining spawners will not cost money
    TNT, Creeper Eggs and Explosions will not work
    Bitch claims will be removed

    Overworld : 5000 x 5000
    Natural Gen
    Nether : 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Netherrack
    The End 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Sandstone
    Desert : 2500 x 2500 of flat terrain
    Block : Sandstone

    Faction Information

    Faction Max Power : 4000
    Max Buffer Size : 20 Chunks
    Power Per Player : 100 Power
    Allies and Truces : 1 Ally, 0 Truces
    Max Players Per Faction : 50 Players
    Max Alts Per Faction : 75 Alts

    Change-log and features

    Screen Sharing
    Finally after a long wait we have released our screen sharing tool, with this no hacker will be 100% safe. Thanks to Luke we have created a custom screen sharing tool that is able to detect a majority of private clients. With this we hope to even the playing field and punish those who try to gain an unfair advantage.

    Economy Changes

    We've checked the issues with the previous economy and altered it for Season 4. Some of these changes include nerfing cactus and buffing sugarcane as well as removing some less useful and random spawners in the eco. Along with this spawners will now take 12 hours to get to their full FTOP value.

    Cannon Server
    Tired of building a cannon at a raid just for it to blow up? From season 4 onwards, donators will be able to have access to the cannon realm to test their cannons beforehand!

    Every factions had the issue with having their faction fill with alts causing them to have to rotate players. With that said we have implemented a system to allow players invite alts into their faction with limited abilities without adding to the faction player count.


    Long awaited disguises will be making their way to PlayMC. With this you'll get a strategic advantage over your opponent and help you make your way to the FTOP #1 faction.

    Raid Claims
    Tired of being unable to find a place to place a raid claims. This will hopefully be an issue of the past with this concept. Every faction will have to pay for their raid claims on an hourly basis removing those inactive and useless claims. To make people use these claims, TNT fill will only work in these claims and no-where else.


    Want some extra cool exclusive loot? Then head over to warzone and defeat different bosses all with their own unique selection of loot.

    Creeper Eggs
    You finally split that base but you can't reach the spawners. With this addition you'll be able to reach those high corners and maximise your profits from the raid.

    Not making enough money? Activate a booster for an edge over your competitors for the race to FTOP #1.

    F Check
    With this system you'll be able to receive in-game warnings when your walls haven't been checked for a while as well as check them with a command. You'll also be able to sound an alarm to alert your faction if you are being raided. For the members looking for a promotion there will be a /f check leaderboard to tally the players with the most checks the faction.

    PlayMC Pass
    A seasonal pass is coming to Play-MC to reward those of you who actively play the server with some cool loot.

    50% sale active on our store -

    We’re excited to see everybody on the release. Make sure to join our Discord for any important announcements or changes. Join Here
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    Looks amazing, can’t wait :)
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    This is looking out to be an exciting season. I can't wait!:D
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    Hype! can't Wait!
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    Excited to see the outcome from all the new features being implemented. I'll see you all on the 26th!
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    Is bow boosting allowed or not?

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