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    Greetings Everyone!
    With the end of Season 1 of PlayMC coming closer and closer we've had time to look back on how things went. With that said it has been a rough time with several issues at the start that made it almost unplayable, since then we have fixed all these issues with our new developer Luke who has been working tirelessly to make sure season 2 launches like how we intend it to launch and restore PlayMC to its true glory.

    We've also reviewed many suggestions that have been made through the discord and have added the ones which we seem fit the style of the server; some of which have already been added, others may be added throughout season 2.

    Screenshot time will also be announced closer to the date below followed by this seasons payout. (remember to /setpaypal to receive rewards)

    We will be closing the server temporarily on the 9th of November, 5pm EST
    You MUST place all your spawner value down by 5pm EST on the 8th of November

    Information regarding season 2;
    Firstly, we will be opening the server again on;
    Saturday, 10th of November, 3pm EST
    The maps will last at least 4 weeks including a 1 week grace period where TNT, Creepers and other forms of raiding will be disabled

    We will be offering a weekly BuyCraft prize as follows;
    First Place : $150 Per Week
    Second Place : $100 Per Week
    Third Place : $70 Per Week

    We will also give a larger prize to the faction that wins the last week of the map;
    First Place : $250 Buycra
    ft, $250 PayPal
    Second Place : $175, $200 PayPal
    Third Place : $100, $150 PayPal
    Fourth to Tenth Place : $50

    Fly is disabled for the first hour of release.
    The Overworld will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
    The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
    The End will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border

    50 Members per faction. 50 power per player
    Maximum of 1 ally per faction
    The economy will also be released in to upcoming days

    In the result that one of the factions is disqualified from a weeks payout, their prizes will be handed down to the next applicable faction.

    We also aim to make weekly events for the whole server to come together and compete against one another to see who's the better faction!

    Content Creators
    Hitch has been working hard getting YouTubers to join our network to boost our player base more than before.

    The YouTubers who have joined us for next season are;

    • ItsRaditz
    • TwinCode
    • Kodis
    • Skenny
    • OrangeArrow
    • Feliminer999
    Upcoming Changes!

    Here are a few changes to look forward to next map

    • Improved Cannoning jar for smooth cannoning
    • New Spigot vastly improving hit detection
    • Better Pot Registration
    • Pokeballs have been reworked, they now create a schematic that's movable with commands
    • Completely new custom enchant system, ability to tinker with enchants
    • Several quality of life items added to the factions plugin
    • Crates have been reworked entirely with new rewards
    • New and more balanced economy
    • Tweaked growth rate of crops
    • Improved FPS around spawn
    • Fixed various bugs and issues
    • Inventory Filter
    • Duels will be added with weekly prizes going to winners
    • Sponges now drain all the way down to the bottom
    We will also be doing the Battle Royale at the end of season 2 so stick with us to the end for that, with all that said, may the best faction win :D

    Thank you for reading this far into the announcement and we hope to see you all next map on
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  2. sandop

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    better eco ? // add inventory filter ?
  3. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    Inventory filter is definitely something we should get, will recommend that. As for the economy I’m not sure.
  4. ITechnologyman

    What would you reccomend for a better eco?
  5. Sprite_69

    Sprite_69 New Member

    Up cactus sell price a little it’s useless to use cactus farm when they sell for 6k a dub
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  6. Laugh

    Laugh Member

    Upping cactus isn’t always the best option, it’s better for the eco if you do cane and not cactus, cactus broke a relatively big servers eco not so long ago
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  7. Connor Mckirdy

    Connor Mckirdy New Member

    unban me i was unfairly banned
  8. Connor Mckirdy

    Connor Mckirdy New Member

    unban me i was unfairly banned
  9. Jelly

    Jelly Member

    This is not the place to appeal your ban.

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