We will be hosting a raid event today at 3pm est.

Raid Event Info;
  • The raid event will be hosted at the following coordinates, -5000 +5000 in the NETHER
  • The base has 160 sand walls designed by Stalin himself to test your cannoning abilities and coordination as a faction.
  • Senior Mods and up only will be at the walls defending to test each faction on coordination, we will be spread out evenly defending against each faction equally.

The rules for this event are simple;
  • You MUST follow EVERY rule but cannon speeds (you can shoot up to 1 shot every 2 seconds, or 1 shot per second with a cannon below y:10)
  • You may not enter MORE than one cannon per faction either.
  • Staff defending the base may not interfere with factions cannons.
If you are found breaking any of these rules your faction will be disqualified from the event and will not receive prizes.

The prizes are as follows;
  • There is currently over 300 million worth of ftop hidden throughout the base
  • There will be sets of armor within the base for looting
  • There are a few buycraft exclusive items available inside chests scattered across the base

We wish you all the best of luck in this event,
Happy Raiding

-PlayMC Management

Raid Event is over! Thank you everyone for participating. Congratulations to TNT and CNN for a successful raid! Here are a few pics...




Hello all,

I have two announcements for everyone today. First off…
I am happy to announce our first ever Raid Event!

What is a Raid Event?
If you are new to raid events, here is a brief description…

A few Admins/Managers will create a temporary base somewhere in the wilderness. Once the event starts, the Coordinates of the base will be announced in global chat on: Players must then rush to the coordinates. Once you arrive at the base, you will need to raid it! (players must supply their own raiding supplies).

If you are successful at raiding the base (or entering the base after it’s opened), you can reap rewards ranging from; Crate Keys to Spawners to even Buycraft Vouchers! Rewards will be a “first come, first serve” basis. This means that even if you were the one to raid the base, whomever claims the rewards (and safely escapes) first, gets whatever they grab!

Be aware that there will be PvP fights over the goodies so make sure to come prepared!

Theme: Halloween
: Play-MC Factions; Server IP:
: This Friday, October 26th at 3pm EST. Coordinates will be placed in chat! Event is estimated to take 1-3 hours.

My second announcement is our upcoming Halloween Kit!
Starting Friday, until the end of October anyone can type /kit Halloween and get some spooky items!
(kit can only be claimed once)

Spoiler Preview of the kit!

That’s it for announcements today :)
I hope everyone has fun and enjoys Play-MC.
Thank you guys for being awesome!

UPDATE: Raid Event is over! Thank you everyone for participating. Congratulations to TNT and CNN for a...​
Hello everyone,

In celebration of the upcoming holiday, I will be hosting an in-game costume contest! Dress up your Minecraft character for a chance to win prizes! Everyone is invited (and encouraged) to take part in this community event. It’s time to get into the spirit of Halloween!

Contest starts on server release and runs until Wednesday, October 31st at 12pm EST.
Winners will be announced on the 1st of November.

1). No profanity/overtly violent/adult-themed costumes.
2). Each player can only enter once.
3). Skin must be unique to the contest. Copied designs/templates will be disqualified.
4). All entries MUST be submitted in the comments section of this thread only.

How to Enter:
1). Create/Download a unique skin that has not already been submitted.
2). Upload your skin to
3). Take a screenshot of your minecraft costume/skin on Play-Mc.
4). Comment on this thread with your in-game name, costume design, and screenshot.

1st Place: $50 Buycraft Gift Card
2nd Place: $25 Buycraft Gift Card
3rd Place: $10 Buycraft Gift Card

Good luck to everyone and have fun!
(Example entry can be found below)​
Greetings everyone!

The long awaited release of Play-MC is finally over, the server will be released to the public on October 13th at 4pm EST!

Here's a few sneak peaks for what to be looking forward to!


Now onto the important things; We will be using a custom enchant system what was coded by Emerald that is designed to improve the general feel of pvp and make it a lot more interesting! You can see the custom enchant list here

The economy is designed to be slightly more rigorous and more slightly rewarding to farms at the beginning of the reset before moving over to spawners. This is definitely a cane economy on prices but cactus is also rewarding! You can see the economy sheet here

Before i get into the details of F-TOP, i just want to clarify some important information what you will need!

  • There will be a one week grace period so you can get your base and gear up!
  • 20 Members per faction. 40 power per player
  • The Overworld will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • The Nether will have a 2,500 x 2,500 border
  • The End will have a 10,000 x 10,000 border
  • The End will be flat whereas the nether won’t be.
  • Gen buckets will be enabled, including vertical/horizontal
  • Fly is disabled for the first hour of release.
  • Please follow our discord at: for more information regarding corner claims and various server announcements. Thank you!

We will be running a factions top prize what will be paid at the end of the map.

The following prizes will be paid out every...